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Finding the perfect SEO friendly domain name can be time consuming! PPC Domain Hound is a Keyword-Rich Domain Suggestion Tool that interogates over 46 domain services to find all available keyword rich domains (.com, .net, .info etc) based on your main keywords list. Completely on auto-pilot!

Keyword Rich Domain Suggestion Tool


Dear Friend,

The affiliate game has become tougher than ever in the past months! Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have all become stricter in the way they rank sites based on keyword searches!

But one thing has remained the same. It's simply this. If you want to get top ranking for searches in your niche, then your DOMAIN NAME must reflect your niche's top search keyword.

For example, if your site is all about dog training for German Shepherds then the perfect domain name for your site would be


Most likely this domain will have been taken, so what do you do? Well this is the technique i use.

1. I gather at least a hundered or so top keywords for dog training German Shepherds using Google's Keyword Tool which is free or one of my favorite tools - Micro Niche Finder. Below is just a few keywords from that list.

german shepherd dogs training
german shepherd dog obedience training
german shepherd guard dog training
dog training german shepherd
german shepherd dog training club
german shepherd dog training in
german shepherd dog training videos
training a german shepherd dog
training the german shepherd dog

2. Once I have my keywords, I would go to a web site such as namecheap.com (which is the one i use for all my domian by the way) - and do a lookup for each keyword.

So for the 1st keyword in our list: "german shepherd dogs training"

I would look to see if the following domain was available: germanshepherddogstraining.com

If this domain is taken then I try: germanshepherddogstraining.info

if that's taken then I try: germanshepherddogstraining.net

If that's taken then I try to prefix or postfix the keyword like
this: smartgermanshepherddogstraining.com

I think you get the idea. The combinations can be endless and this is just the 1st keyword! Typically you would have at least 100 or so keywords. Just imagine trying to go through all these keywords to find a suitable Top Level Domains name (TLD like .com, .info, .net etc). You don't need to be a math genious to realize that it would take you a very long time! Time you could be spending building your affiliate web site or promoting it through AdWords!

That's exactly what PPC Domain Hound does. It goes through your entire list of keywords with all (optional) prefix and postfix tags and your selected list of Top Level Domains and brings back all available domains based on your keyword list! Since this is a Microsoft Windows desktop software applications, simply set it up and walk away. PPC Domain Hound will go to work and find all available domains for you automatically. Depending on how long your keyword list is - it can take from a few minutes to a few hours. But the cool thing is your not wasting your time sitting there and doing this manually. PPC Domain Hound will do it all for you and it is 100% accurate! I usually run the software over night and in the morning i have a list of high targeted TLD domain names to choose from!

If this is still confusing you, just watch the video below. It's only a few minutes in length and in that time i'll show exactly - step by step - how to use this tool. There is no manuals to read! It's so easy to use I promise you'll be up and running in less than 5 minutes! Just watch the video now!


Many similar software products charge a monthly subscription fee to use their software, but not PPC Domain Hound. You pay only a ONE TIME low price! Plus you get all upgrades absolutely free - for life!

"Read what my customers are saying"


Keyword Rich Domain Suggestion Tool"I was amazed when I first used PPC Domain Hound at the amount of time I saved in searching for wanted domain names and the speed and efficiency of the new product. I had no idea how much time i was wasting on looking. Awesome tool once again from the "Mistry Stable" and I am a huge fan."

- Craig Connelly
New Zealand


Keyword Rich Domain Suggestion Tool"Nitin thanks for a great time saver of a tool. This is the only tool I use to find available domains in my niche now. Love it!"

- Sandy Barlow
San Deigo USA


Keyword Rich Domain Suggestion Tool"I know over 70,000 new domains get registered every day! So any tool for an IM guy like me to find available domains quickly and with minimum effort is always welcome. Thanks for a great product Nitin."

- Lorence Stanway
London, UK


Keyword Rich Domain Suggestion Tool"Nitin what a tool. I left ppc domain hound running all night and in the morning I found 3 amazing domains that were available! I love your suggestion tool. It saved me hours of tedious looking. Dude you're low price doesn't do it justice, in fact it may hurt your sales because people think it's not a great tool. You should increase the price to at least 20 bucks!"

- Peter Michaels
QueensLand, Australia


Keyword Rich Domain Suggestion Tool"What can I say - Fantastic tool! I also bought your other tools - all very good and your after sales service is impecable Nitin!"

- Cindy Awers
Ontario, Canada

Here's a list of the features:

  No montly fees! Just a one time low price.
  Keyword list can be any size.
  All Top Level Domains supported - More will be added.
  Specify (optional) Prefix and Postfix tags to keywords.
  Lookup using hyphenated keywords.
  Proxy support incase you are behind a firewall (office).
  Save all your projects to your hard drive.
  Optimized algorithm for fast lookup.
  Specify ping intervals for safe lookup.


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Try it risk free today! This software is backed by my no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee! Plus FREE upgrades!!


ppc domian hound

No Monthly Fee - Just a one Time Low Price
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Keyword Rich Domain Suggestion Tool

Please note, PPC Domain Hound is a Microsoft Windows desktop application. It will not work on the Apple Mac!

To your success,

Nitin Mistry
contact: nitin [at] PPCDomainHound.com